Autism is a developmental disorder that impedes interaction and communication with others. Usually, the most visible signs of autism appear when a child is between two and three years old, although, children are diagnosed as young as 18-months. While autism affects individuals in different ways, three criteria define the disease: disorders of social interactions, verbal communication disorders, and repetitive gestures. Frequently, people with autism have trouble sleeping and need extra care to maintain a healthy diet.

Currently, no cure for autistic disorders exists, and management of symptoms is the only way to improve the quality of life for those diagnosed with the disorder.

Natural Autism Treatment – Does it work?

Although no cure for autism exists, there are many approaches to treat autism naturally. Children react in different ways to treatments, so at first, try different methods and techniques to see which therapy the child reacts most positively to is a significant first step.

Popular, natural therapies for autism

· Music therapy

Studies have noted the positive effects of music therapy on children and adolescents in the treatment of autism. Benefits include increased vocalization, verbalization, gestures, vocabulary comprehension, task-related attention, acts of communication, symbolic play and self-care skills, and reduction of echolalia (automatic repetition of sentences as you hear them). Furthermore, researchers observed improvement in body awareness and coordination and a decrease in anxiety. With mixed results for some people with autism, information about the long-term is limited.

· Massage Therapy

Treating children with autism through massage therapy improves language and social skills. An evaluation of a systematic review of therapeutic effects of massage revealed the benefits of massage when combined with other therapies, such as language, behavioral and social communication therapies.

Autistic Child

· A focus on diet

For many, nutritional problems are thought to be a factor in autism. Although this is not confirmed, a balanced diet packed with sufficient vitamin and mineral supplements is essential for children with autism. Before adapting your child’s diet, consult a dietitian or pediatrician for advice.

· Social contact

When it comes to natural therapies for autism, social interaction plays an important role. Love, affection, and attention are essential and deserved. No matter the type of behaviour the child displays, allow him to explore relationships and interaction with others.

A final thought

Adopting a selection of natural approaches to the treatment of autism, build confidence, enjoyment, and quality of life for any child with the disorder. While it may take time to choose a therapy that works best for you child, this investment brings enormous improvement to the life of anyone with autism.