Zero Tolerance Knives are known for their aggressively “overbuilt” construction, and their premium sourced crafting materials. If you want an extremely high-quality knife that will last you a lifetime and is guaranteed to stand up to any type of hard use, these knives are well worth the investment.

About Zero Tolerance Knives

ZT Knives were originally designed by a brand called Kai USA Ltd for hard combat use. These knives now range anywhere from high-quality, sleek carrying knives to large, heavy-duty outdoor knives that you can strap on or carry in your travel bag.

Every Zero Tolerance knife is created in the United States with the utmost care and attention to detail. Only the very best in steel alloys, titanium, and carbon fibers are used to forge each piece.

Here is a list of the top 10 ZT knives every serious knife owner needs to invest in.

  1. Zero Tolerance 0301

This top-quality model is a rustic one-handed ambidextrous flipper with a SpeedSafe assisted opening system. The S30v stainless steel blade features a handsome camouflage tiger stripe coating made from Tungsten DLC.

The ridged handle is made from a combination of G-10 in the front and titanium in the back for extra strength and an incredibly secure grip. It has a tight blade lock system and a clip for pocket security.

  1. Zero Tolerance 0350

This knife features a sharp slicing blade with a strong tip and highly durable construction. It is a small 6 oz carrying knife that packs a lot of punch.

  1. Tolerance 0562CF

This knife features a G-1o grip handle and a blade made from CPM-20CV powdered steel. It has a flat slicer grind and deploys smoothly. For right- or left-hand use.

  1. Zero Tolerance 0450CF

This medium-size knife features a slimmer design and has a blade made from CPMs35 steel. A great knife for jimping.

  1. Zero Tolerance 0770CF

This knife is known for its toughness. It has great ergonomics and a sturdy grip. The smaller, more streamlined design is attractive to many.

  1. Zero Tolerance 0801

This flipper is a solid knife known for its large drop point. It features a tough steel blade that retains its edge and has a titanium handle.

  1. Zero Tolerance 0456

This knife features an impressive flipper mechanism, locks up tight, and is very aesthetically pleasing. The blade is made from CTS-204P steel, and it has a titanium handle. It weighs 6 oz.

  1. Zero Tolerance 0900

This small flipper has a wide S35VN steel blade and weighs a little over 4 oz. It is meant to be powerful and compact and is based on the Mini-Harpy.

  1. Zero Tolerance 0350ST

This sleek looking entirely black knife features assisted opening, a solid liner lock, a textured G-10 handle, and a weight of roughly 6 oz. The quad-mount clip makes it easy to carry in your pocket, and the lanyard hole allows for more versatile carrying options.

   10. Zero Tolerance 0566

This knife features an S35VN steel blade, flipper, assisted opening mechanics, a frame lock with a lock bar stabilizer, a lanyard hole, and a clip for deep pocket carry. It weighs 5.4 oz.