As the staff of just about any good optical shop can tell you, trends in eyewear tend to go in and out of style. While some styles are truly timeless, frames that suited you perfectly five years ago may no longer be in vogue. Even the most fashionable frames may change with time to suit modern tastes and preferences.

You may be in the market for a new pair of glasses or contacts for yourself or a family member. Perhaps you have been told you need glasses for the first time and are deliberating on a new purchase. These are some of the most popular trends in eyewear this year.

Colored Frames for All Faces

Colored frames are perhaps the single biggest trend is eyewear in 2018. This can in part be explained by the explosion in the number of celebrities and fashion icons who have are currently rocking colorful glasses or sunglasses frames.

Colored Frames for All Faces

Colorful frames can suit all face shapes and eye and hair colors and complexions. Generally, the colors of frames that will suit you best are the same colors that work for your wardrobe. If you look great in a jewel-toned dress, changes are that jewel-toned frames will suit your face as well.

Asking an employee of an optical shop is one way to make sure your selected frames are a good fit for your face. You can also bring a friend or family member with you to your optical appointment to ensure you get a look that suits your personal style and aesthetics.

Frames and Surgeries to Make You Look More Awake

The number one complaint voiced by optical customers is that they look tired or older when wearing their glasses. Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem in the form of eyelid surgery as well as non-surgical interventions.

The best eyelid surgery for an appearance of advanced age, wrinkling, or perpetual tiredness is blepharoplasty; a technique where excess fat is removed from the area around the eyelid. This results in tighter skin around the eye, fewer wrinkles, and a renewed appearance of youthfulness and wakefulness.

With respect to glasses frames, larger and rounder frames tend to make one look more awake and youthful, where smaller and more oval-shaped frames tend to appear older.

Cat-Eye Frames: The Glasses of 2018

For women, in particular, cat-eye glasses have come back into style with a bang. This sleek, feminine style flatters all face shapes and makes the face appear more wakeful. It is for these reasons that many optical retailers have declared cat-eye glasses frames to be the hottest eyewear look of 2018.