An unlocked phone is a phone which is not restricted to a single network provider. The user can change the SIM card at his or her convenience, and the phone will work just fine. It has no carrier restrictions. Most countries in the world, including Canada, predominently have carrier bound iPhones. So if you try to, for example, use an AT&T locked phone with a Bell SIM, it will simply refuse to connect to the services.

There are several benefits, which is why we recommend buying an unlocked phone. Phone carriers often give amazing discounts upon the purchase and even post-purchase. But one major thing which changes the game is that unlocked phones can also be used Internationally without any issues. This is a somewhat important feature for the people who often visit other countries, either for leisure travel or for work.

However, most positives have an equal negative. What makes unlocked phones comparatively less in demand is the fact that they usually cost more than carrier locked phones. And the price difference can be substantial, especially for newer model phones.

Regardless, unlocked phones are slowly making an entry into the market, and their demand is continually increasing with each new year.

So, say you wanted to buy an unlocked iPhone 5S in Canada, but you have no idea where to get it from. This article is the only guide you need, which tells you every viable site or store you can buy an unlocked iPhone 5S from.

1. CellClinic.Shop

CellClinic.Shop is a great online marketplace where you can get a preowned or refurbished device, all phones are unlocked and sold at a good price – they also come with a 6 month warranty. CellClinic.Shop, of course is based in Canada with its headquaters being in famous Vancouver, British Columbia. It gives you a choice between buying an unlocked iPhone or an open Samsung device. And the prices are quite viable. An unlocked iPhone 5S can be purchased for as low as $189 CAD. This site also allows its users to choose what storage option or colour they prefer. But all-in-all, this site is a must visit if you want to buy an unlocked phone, and especially the iPhone 5S.

2. BestBuy

I am pretty sure that you have heard of this giant electonics store. One particular thing about buying an unlocked iPhone 5S from BestBuy is that the prices will be some more expensive. But this is compensated with a guarantee of the ‘wellness’ of the entire product. You probably won’t have many options when it comes to choosing the colour of your purchase, but you do get a choice when it comes to storage selection. They allow buyers to choose between custom refurbished or open box unlocked phones. The iPhone 5S can cost as low as $299.99 CAD on

3. Kijiji

Kijiji is platform very much like eBay but focused on serving Canadian residents. It lets resellers meet customers on their site. There is nothing much the site can do here because the resellers control the prices. It means the prices can either be extremely high or very low depending on the type of demand the resellers are anticipating relating to a particular product. The cost for the unlocked iPhone 5S can be as low as $99 CAD. However, there is no guarantee from the site or the reseller, and it does not come with a warranty. It can be a fake product, so we recommend buying what seems credible and not a scam. Buyers are warned to use caution.

4. Amazon

Amazon is the final suggestion because when all else fails, you certainly do want to go back to the OG. Now, as expected, Amazon has tons of options for buyers to choose from which start from colours, storage, prices, refurbished, unboxed, guaranteed, and what not. One can buy a no-guarantee refurbished unlocked iPhone 5S for as low as $150 CAD, or a guaranteed refurbished unlocked iPhone 5S with a 90 day warranty for $205 CAD. Again, there are many colours and storage options to choose from and tons of resellers. It gives the consumers a better market to buy or sell their products. On top of all this, you can even find special deals on specific products like an extended discount, free cover, or an additional charging cable. This site is a must visit.


Apparently, the iPhone 5S is more or less an outdated phone. However, it still gives a performance that is way better than most recent Android phones. This makes it a perfect companion for your everyday life. What’s even better, is that you can purchase an unlocked iPhone 5S for approximately a similar price or less. You get all of the same features with the ability to choose the carrier that is best suited for you.
In the end, buying the iPhone 5S is entirely up to you. But if you need help, this article is here to help guide you.