When you think of home staging, you may envision a freshly painted room with new furniture. But what if your house is still in the same condition it was when you moved in? That’s where vacant home staging comes in. Vacant home staging is the process of transforming a house that’s currently not being used into something that potential buyers can appreciate. By doing this, you can increase your chances of selling your house and getting the money you need to move on. If you’re feeling frustrated about your current home situation and want to explore options for selling or moving, read on to find out more about vacant home staging and whether or not it might be a good fit for you.

What is Vacant Home Staging?

According to the National Association of Home Builders, staging vacant homes is one way to bring buyers and sellers together and increase the chances of a successful sale. Vacant Home Staging can make an otherwise rundown property look like it’s in use again, which may entice potential buyers.

Staging typically includes adding fresh paint or new carpeting, arranging furniture according to style and color, and placing decorative objects throughout the home. Some people also include staging tips for cleaning, organizing, and staging a garage or yard.

How Vacant Home Staging Works?

Vacant home staging is a popular approach to real estate marketing that relies on the use of props and artwork to create an appealing appearance for a property that is not currently being used as a residence. Vacant home staging can help to improve the overall appeal of a property and attract potential buyers who may be interested in purchasing it.

According to the Staging Industry Association, vacant home staging can help to create an “image makeover” for a property that has been neglected or is in need of repairs. By using props and artwork, homeowners can transform an ordinary house into something that looks more like a modernized or updated version of its former self.

Types of Vacant Home Staging

There are a few different types of vacant home staging that can be used to help a property attract buyers. 

Some common types:

  • Display staging: This involves putting items such as plant ornaments on display in the home to give it an appealing look.
  • Art staging: This includes putting up pieces of art or decorative items in the home to add appeal.
  • Updating staging: This involves making minor updates, such as painting or replacing furniture, to give the appearance that the home has been recently lived in.

The Benefits of Vacant Home Staging

Some common benefits associated with vacant home staging include:

Increased Property Value

Vacant home staging can help to increase the value of a property by creating an appearance that is more appealing to potential buyers. Proponents of this approach believe that when buyers see properties that have been well-staged, they are more likely to offer higher prices than those who see properties in disarray or without any decorations at all.

Increased Interest from Potential Buyers

When prospective buyers see a property that has been professionally staged, they are more likely to express interest in buying it. This is because staged properties often look clean and organized, which conveys a sense of stability and well-being. Additionally, well-done vacant home staging can make buildings look newer and flashier – two factors that are often associated with higher property values.

Increased Conversion Rates

Homeowners who use vacant home staging are often able to increase their conversion rates by up to 50%. This is because staged properties tend to capture the attention of a wider range of buyers, including those who may be more interested in purchasing property than those who view it as an opportunity to make a quick profit.

Reduced Property Maintenance Costs

Vacant home staging can also help to reduce the amount of money that homeowners have to spend on maintenance and repairs. By creating an appearance that is more appealing, homeowners can encourage potential buyers to make offers that are higher than those that they would otherwise receive. In addition, well-done vacant home staging can help to diminish the appearance of blight and decline in a neighborhood, which can lead potential buyers to choose other neighborhoods over ones in which they see signs of decline.

Increased Home Value over Time

Well-done vacant home staging can help to increase the value of a property over time by creating an appearance that is more appealing to potential buyers. This is because staged properties often look clean and organized, which conveys a sense of stability and well-being. 

How Vacant Home Staging Can Help You Sell Your House Faster?

If you are thinking of selling your home, vacant home staging can help make the process go much more quickly. Vacant home staging is a process that helps to prepare your house for sale by making it look like it is already occupied. By staging your home, you can make it look like a real estate agent could not resist buying it.

There are a few things you can do to stage your home for maximum effect. 

One is to remove any clutter from the exterior and interior of the property. This will make the house look neater and help set a professional tone for potential buyers. 

In addition, be sure to clean all windows and fixtures thoroughly. Make sure there are no cobwebs or dust around light fixtures or outlets; this will also give potential buyers an idea of how recently the property was lived in and show that you are prepared to take care of business when selling your home.

One final thing to remember when staging your home is to think about what type of buyer would be interested in buying it and appeal to them specifically. For example, if you have a lot of antique furniture on display, focus on displaying items that reflect current trends instead so that potential buyers who are into vintage pieces won’t feel excluded. A little bit of vacant home staging goes a long way – studies have shown that homes that have been staged receive an average increase in the price of 25%. So if preparing your house for sale is on your mind, start with Vacant Home


Vacant home staging can be a great way to turn your house into the perfect place to live. Home staging is all about making your property look its best and selling it faster. Through proper staging, you can make your home appear larger, more inviting, and easier to maintain. Additionally, vacant staging can help you get a higher asking price for your home. If you’re interested in learning more about vacant staging or if you’re considering offering this service to your clients, be sure to check out our website today!