At some point, most Amazon sellers want to know the best way to use Amazon product sales data to scale up their business or grow their product lines.

Having accurate and reliable Amazon product sales data at your fingertips can help you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business. In fact, FBA sellers should be doing ongoing research.

Here’s is a list of Amazon research tools to help you scale up your Amazon business.

Ranked #1 for Amazon Product Sales Data:
AMZScout Pro Extension for Chrome

AMZScout’s Chrome Extension Pro is a very comprehensive tool that ranks #1 by Amazon sellers for many reasons. AMZScout provides a free trial without any credit cards, which is a great way for new Amazon sellers to see the power this tool provides. Best of all, this easy to use and well designed extension has a huge number of indicators for researching profitable products on Amazon. It provides monthly sales estimation data based on a unique algorithm. The feedback given by most Amazon sellers states that this tool gives the most accurate data out of all the tools available. It includes many important features to help you research faster and easier. For example, Potential Score. Potential Score is calculated on several factors, and it’s only available on AMZScout. This indicator will be extremely useful for quick niche analysis.

1. Jungle Scout
Jungle Scout is a popular tool for Amazon product sales data. Although it has slipped in popularity because of overestimated sales data, it is still an easy to use software tool that contains a lot of valuable data. This tool has an attractive and clear interface. Jungle Scout offers opportunity score to check a product niche quickly. It also loads and provides data faster than many other tools, which is another advantage of this tool. It shows many indicators, but based on user feedback it doesn’t include as much as other competitive products.

2. Amazooka
It’s a pretty new tool in the marketplace, and ranks 3rd in our overall review of products because of its negative review monitoring and keyword tracking features. Though most of features of the tool are aimed to help a seller to monitor his/her Amazon product sales data, Amazooka is included in this list since it can be useful for product research as well

3. Camelizer
The Camelizer is a Chrome extension from It allows to view price history charts from without leaving retailer product pages. It also gives easy access to the complete price history data on the website. Having a very simple design it is a very handy extension that is worth the time to install.

4. Sellics
Sellics is an integrated software that has necessary tools for product research. It has a convenient niche analyzer tool to analyze sales volume and competitiveness of a niche in one click. It also has product spy feature that shows actual sales volume of a target product.

5. Unicorn Smasher
This is a free to use and very simple Amazon research tool. It provides basic data about products on the selected Amazon page. It will give users the necessary basic indicators and tools for in-browser analysis and can help you easily find a few profitable product opportunities. More advanced Amazon sellers will likely need more data as they grow, but as a free tool this is a good place to start.

6. AMZ Seller Browser
This new tool helps you to speed up the product research process. It can be used for searching new product ideas, as it shows a variety of information, including: product BSR, rank and price history from, other products from this brand, how many FBA sellers sell this product and some other useful information.

7. AMZShark
This tool for Amazon sellers provides a variety of features including niche scout, keyword explorer, super URLs, PPC Scout, and much much more. So, it is quite useful for sales monitoring as well as for product research.

8. AMZScout Web Application
The tool allows to find product niche using huge cloud-based product database. It works well with the Chrome extension allowing to do the complete research and to monitor your Amazon product sales data. AMZScout web application allows to get different statistics and follow competitors sales data.

9. Sellcaster
It is a simple extension that allows you monitor competitor inventory and sales, find profitable opportunities and also research and restock any products. It includes Amazon fees calculator to check profitability of the potential product.