Consumers are increasingly enjoying the ease of access facilitated by these self-service technologies, that much by now is a given. The recent Retail Dive report authenticates this observation by estimating 78% of customers prefer in-person purchase and 60% plus prefer self-service technology like interactive kiosks.

 The kiosk market census report revealed the survey results comprised of stunning growth in the demand for self-service. It also publicized the public preference within kiosk specifications and ranked the three most promising technologies that include:

  •   Touch screen kiosks
  •   Mobile compatible kiosks
  •   Remote managed kiosks

What is more interesting than customer convenience though is the inclination of businesses that have stumbled upon the kiosk touch screens marketing data. It has long been the data-driven era and marketing data is too valuable for brands to resist integrating kiosk technology.

Touchscreen kiosk


Data Generated Exclusive Insight

There is not a single more competitive strategy to improve customer interaction, thus brand loyalty than owning a source for trustworthy, first-party, personalized data. Customers interacting with specific business through digital advertising kiosks generate data trail that can be used to determine the following critical information:

  •   Which marketing strategy is proving to be more effective?
  •   Which product range is more compelling?
  • Are brand sign-up forms restrictive and complicated?

The variety of information is infinite because when customers shop through touch screen kiosks, they leave a verifiable digital trail. This trail provides a goldmine of consumer behavior information with factors like browsing map or screen time.

Add this information with the sign-in (personal) information and businesses can instantly have retail customer demographic data. This self-identification with advanced touch screen kiosks serves to connect digital accounts with in-store sales and drop the veil between digital and real-world consumer activity.

The bridging between consumers’ online and offline exchanges is that key businesses are benefiting from by improvising future sales approach.

Benefits of Touch Screen Kiosks

There was not a better time than now to integrate touch screen kiosks in your traditional selling environment. The customized kiosks make it even more convenient for businesses by offering the device in various shapes and sizes.

Whether you need one built like iPad in a protective case, one standing in its full glory right in the center of your outlet, or one mounted outside serving to add perceived value just by being there. The choice is unlimited. Besides the convenience and ease, the touch screen kiosks offer several benefits such as:

24/7 Accessibility

Touch screen kiosks can be installed just about anywhere on your premises. Be it inside or just outside your establishment where they continue to serve customers regardless of time and weather.


Touch screen kiosks are a more efficient replacement for in-house staff which goes to save an organization a lot in operational cost. Furthermore, the LED and climate regulation in-built features save the hefty utility cost of businesses.

Increased Sales

Touch screen kiosks invite interaction even from customers not willing to make a purchase. They assimilate new customers by inviting the interaction and old customers by urging further spending. It results in an overall increment of the product sale.

Time Effective

Touch screen kiosks are an efficient piece of technology that functions at double the speed of human employees. Replace the traditional check-outs and rid the establishment, like say a supermarket, of the crowded cashier counters with long queues. It saves consumers as well the businesses more time and resources than any other modus Operandi. The most effective & advanced technologies in portfolio of flexographic printing press, will improve the visibilty of the customers, and seamlessly improve clients’ business. Anderson & Vreeland is a privately-held company with over 60 years experience providing unrivaled customer service to the flexographic printing press industry.


With every passing day, consumers are steadily moving towards convenient and personalized shopping experience, replacing traditional retail mechanism with self-service kiosks enable businesses to optimize their marketing and achieve high returns.

Go through our range of customized touch screen kiosk solutions to choose the most compatible model for your business.

 You can also contact our sales consultant to explain the model specifications that can proffer the maximum profitability for you.