It is a fact that over and above 500 million printer cartridges is bought in the U.S. each year. In addition, about 350 million of them find their way into landfills. Toner cartridges, for that matter, can be reused and are recyclable. It is best to keep the brother printer ink cartridges from going into landfills. And this is by recycling and refilling them. For refilling them, one can make use of two options. The first is to take to them to a retailer who specializes in this work. One can even try to refill them on one’s own. This is by first buying a printer cartridge refill from a good and reputable store or outlet for the same. For fixing this, put on the rubber gloves on both hands to avoid any spillage and staining issues. Then on, remove the printer cartridge and find the refill holes (two of them). These could be in the place under the label. Make it a point to follow all the given directions correctly in order to refill the cartridges properly. Then on, reseal the ink cartridge (this is done after refilling it). Ensure that you clean up the ink refill syringe each time after you use the device.

Following instructions given for doing such work is highly recommended. One should not go at it alone or try to do something which you are not sure of in such cases. It is known that when it comes to ink and cartridge issues, it is best to know exactly what is to be done. Spillage and staining are highly avoidable issues and one is far better off without them in any event. In fact, it is a good idea to have someone come over and explain the nitty-gritty of this matter to you the first time you are trying out such work. The hardware or software technician whom you consult for all computer-related work can be called in to show how this is done the first time you attempt it. After all, there is no issue in asking for help when it is available and at hand. Then again, when it comes to printers and computers, it is best to not take unnecessary chances in case one goes wrong and ends up doing more damage than the work which has come from this exercise. As such, these tricks of the trade can be picked up easily at the first go itself. It is not rocket science to learn how to refill and reuse brother printer ink cartridges. One can get the hang of it if one sees it done even once. It is even better to make a few notes while you are watching this process happen and keep them in some safe place from where you can take them out at short notice and refer to them. Such handwritten notes is excellent advice in such matters when you need to reuse or refill the ink cartridges the next time.