When it comes to protecting the teeth, we’re often asked if a store-bought mouthguard in Watertown MA will work as well as a custom-fit version. It’s a good question and the answer will depend on what your individual preferences are regarding price, materials, and protection/comfort levels.

To determine the kind of mouthguard that may be right for you, today we’re outlining what you need to know about the likenesses and dissimilarities between over-the-counter mouthguards and custom-fit mouthguards in Watertown MA.

Over-the-Counter Mouthguards

Over-the-counter mouthguards are very similar to the types of mouthguards used by athletes, but they are also designed to prevent teeth from grinding while you sleep.

This preformed, u-shaped tray covers the whole top row of teeth in order to stop lower and upper teeth from grinding. It has to be properly fitted to your teeth before it can work comfortably and effectively.

This type of mouthguard is typically created using the “boil and bite” method, during which the mouthguard is placed in boiling water to make it pliable. It is then removed from the water and carefully placed over the teeth, so the wearer can gently bite down on it to mold it to the shape of their teeth.

The primary downside to them is that the plastic is thinner and requires extra precaution when molding the mouthguard to the teeth, so the mouthguard is not bitten through.

Protecting your teeth from grinding with this type of mouthguard is certainly better than not protecting them at all, but if your jaw moves enough to dislodge it while sleeping, it will no longer protect your teeth.

Because these mouthguards are constructed from pliant plastic, teeth clenching, grinding, and constant chewing wears down the plastic much faster than the strong material used to make custom-fit mouthguards in Watertown MA.

Custom-fit Mouthguards

These devices are highly customized, and your dentist can alter the thickness of the mouthguard depending on your degree of teeth clenching and grinding. They are designed to fit perfectly in your mouth with no adjustments. They can be made for either sports or for grinding and are created depending on the intended use.

Mouthguards are typically only fitted for the upper teeth but can also be fitted for the bottom teeth in some cases. Because no two custom-made mouthguards in Watertown MA are the same, they provide the best protection for your mouth.

To make them, your dentist will make an impression of your teeth using a dental putty that forms to all the crevices of the teeth to produce an exact replica of your smile. It is then sent to a lab where the mouthguard is created.

Because custom mouthguards are made so meticulously, they provide wearers with the best in comfort and safety. The degree of protection they provide is unparalleled by any other mouthguard. And their sturdiness is strengthened by the shape, which surrounds each tooth closely.

Custom-fit mouthguards in Watertown MA are long-lasting and don’t tend to lose their shape like store-bought mouthguards often do. Every few years they may need to be replaced depending on the level of wear and tear.

Don’t take any chances with your smile. We are proud to provide custom-fit mouthguards in Watertown MA. If you would like to know how they can help you or your child, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.