There are many different types and configurations of warehouse racking systems. If your stock includes bulky or large items such as furniture, long items like poles or beams, or other oddly shaped goods, then cantilever roll out racking could be a great way to store your product efficiently and safely.

How does cantilever roll out racking work?

Essentially, cantilever roll out racks are extendable, providing more space to store larger items whenever you need to.

Access to the racks is also unrestricted because there are no vertical supports in front of them, allowing your workers to pick larger items more easily. Depending on your requirements, there are several different decking types made of a variety of materials ranging from wood to corrugated steel.

What are the advantages of cantilever roll out racking?


The first benefit of cantilever roll out racking is that it allows you to store large or awkwardly shaped items as needed. You can extend these racks at will, increasing the versatility of your storage area.

Secondly, the system can be fully customized to meet your needs. A knowledgeable warehouse storage solution provider will be able to set up the system to suit the product you want to store and the space available to you.

Also, the arms of the racks can extend out into the aisles, which can be of great benefit during loading and unloading goods, particularly if your employees use an overhead crane to do so. Finally, the time it takes to handle large or awkward items will be reduced, saving you time and money and increasing your productivity.


How does cantilever roll out racking compare to other racking solutions?

The answer to this question greatly depends on the type of inventory you store. A traditional pallet rack system is a good, no-frills option that makes excellent use of the vertical space in your warehouse. However, as the name suggests, the pallet rack system is designed to store items on pallets.

If you stock oversized, long, or awkwardly shaped items such as beams, pipes, or sheeting, you may be having a hard time storing them on a conventional pallet rack. If that’s the case, cantilever roll out racking could be of great benefit to you.

If you would like to know more about this versatile and efficient storage system, contact a reputable provider of cantilever roll out racking in Michigan.