Warehouses typically have a reputation for being not so technologically advanced. They are more known as these vast plain spaces with steel shelves and boxes with the most advanced equipment being a forklift and a tape packer. However, this is changing with the advent of automated shelving systems.

These systems have revolutionized the industry and are optimizing warehouse operations everywhere by saving time, floor space, and ultimately saving money for business owners.

How automated shelving systems optimize warehouse operations

Warehouse managers constantly try to improve the layouts of the warehouses they operate. The day-to-day ebb and flow of products coming in and out dictates how these warehouses are set up, often with the most popular products being placed closest to the loading docks.

Automated shelving systems can change how warehouse managers organize the typical warehouse though. These systems organize inventory much better and enable workers to retrieve products faster.

Automated shelving systems allow you to easily organize and reprioritize the product flow. This helps eliminate wasted warehouse space and increases inventory holding capacity.

What does an automated shelving system look like?

While automated shelving systems for sale online can be customized, the basic set up is two column towers with a feeder shelf in between. The tower can be built to maximize any warehouse height and offers different shelving custom rigid boxes space for larger or smaller products.

When information about the product is entered and the item placed on the feeder, the machine catalogs it and then places it on a shelf appropriate for its size and shape.

Greater Efficiency

Automated shelving systems not only save space and time but also increase efficiency. Once products are cataloged into the system, employees or warehouse managers can have access to where every product is in the warehouse and can do so with the appropriate software provided with these systems.

Added Security

Most products in a warehouse are available to anyone who enters the warehouse. Products can easily be taken off shelves and can sometimes even fall from shelves unnoticed.

The automated shelving system not only houses all your products but also comes with its own security system, turning each system into its own mini-warehouse. Certain employees can be given the password for these, and others are restricted. This helps prevents theft.

Right now is a good time to find these automated shelving systems for sale online. Automated shelving systems can do the same for your business as an expansion or relocation of your warehouse and can do so at a fraction of the cost.