Kid’s Turkey Craft and Feather Hunt

This is a post I've wanted to write for almost a year - I wanted to blog about it last year after it happened, but realistically, who wants to read about a Thanksgiving craft in December? Exactly. So, … [Read more...]

The [sometimes] inconvenient job.

I had debated on writing this post because it's such a 'hot topic' in the blogosphere right now - I really feel like everything that can be said, has been said. All of that aside, I've basically been … [Read more...]

Small Business Saturday 2012!

I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving break! We've already done the big Turkey Day {and stuffed ourselves silly, and Black Friday {and shopped at obscene hours of the day}, now it's time for … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

Today I am thankful for them. Period. Happy Turkey Day everyone! Stay safe, stay warm, stay thankful! And if you're going out into the BF madness tonight, stay thrifty! … [Read more...]