Weekend Wonderings V.5

1. One of these days, I'm going to be the one who has to wake my boys up on the weekends {and not the other way around}, and it's going to be absolutely magical. 2. For the second year in a row, … [Read more...]

Weekend Wonderings V.4

Labor Day 2012 might have been one of the longest days of my life. So instead of random wonderings I'm going to leave you with a top 5 things that happened on Labor Day, and then top it off with some … [Read more...]

Weekend Wonderings V.3

I am so bad at weekly posts. Like, really bad. And then I went and announced I'm going to start another one in yesterday's post. What can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment. So here I am, 3 weeks … [Read more...]


1. If Viacom and Directv don't get their shitz together and stop arguing so I can have my Nick Jr. back, I'm gonna shank someone. 2. I have an interview today for a new position within the company … [Read more...]

Manic Monday

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I had grand aspirations of doing a REAL Manic Monday post using the cool new 'how to make collage in Picmonkey before you can officially make a collage with them' … [Read more...]

Manic Monday

It was a good weekend. Okay, it's been a good couple of weeks. There have been Rangers games, and new swingsets, and baby showers ... and of course we're outside as much as humanly possible enjoying … [Read more...]

Manic Monday {x2}

I miss this post last week. My bad. The plus side to this is that I have a BUNCH of photos to dump though ... Also, I make the collages for this post on Picnik.com ... which we all know is … [Read more...]

Manic Monday!

It's amazing the difference one relaxing weekend will have on my stress level. Two weekends ago I was running around like a chicken with her head chopped off, but this weekend ... we were all chill. I … [Read more...]

Manic Monday – er, Friday

I have to say, last weekend was by far a record-breaking short weekend, but this week was also a record-breaking fast week. I can't believe how fast time is flying by these days, and can only assume … [Read more...]

Manic Monday

So today is Monday ... which means my Super Bowl weekend is over. Boo. BUT - it was crazy fun ... there was a girl's night out, my bi-annual consignment sale shopping spree, and I got my Mouse back. … [Read more...]

Manic Monday

So did we all survive 'springing forward' this weekend? Yeah, I know. It sucked. BIG TIME. For the life of me, I don't know why we had to do that on a damn weekend. I would have much preferred to … [Read more...]

Manic Monday

The weirdest thing about this past week was that I loved it. Because, you know ... when you're suffering from a Texas-sized sinus infection you're not supposed to enjoy yourself. Right? You … [Read more...]

Manic Monday

So here it is, another Monday. My first Monday with a 3 year old and a 1 year old. *sniff. It was a crazy week, and an even crazier weekend ... but it was SO much fun. Photos? Oh yes. There … [Read more...]

Manic Monday

It's already been another week? Seriously?! That means that today must be Monday. ::sigh:: Lame. Last week, however, was NOT lame. I had an awesome Valentine's Day with my boys, and even though my … [Read more...]

Manic Monday

So how was everyone's weekend? Long? Fulfilling? Relaxing? Well, hopefully SOMEONE out there had a weekend like that. Hopefully. Bueller? We had a super fun weekend filled with birthday … [Read more...]