Most people look at an over under shotgun and see only a gun that costs more than a pump action, despite holding fewer shells. It might seem like a bad deal at a first glance, but clay shooters and bird hunters overwhelmingly choose over under guns, and they have their reasons for doing so.


One of the reasons is that break action firearms are more reliable than pump action ones. They don’t jam and they can’t be short stroked. They will take just about any ammo, as long as it fits. And there are two shots with two pulls of the trigger, they are simple guns.


Another reason is balance. An over under shotgun is shorter than a pump action of the same barrel length by around three inches. The gun’s weight is concentrated between the shooter’s hands, increasing its balance and accuracy.


The third reason is safety. Push the lever of the over under and the gun opens; then dump the shells out and the gun is rendered perfectly safe. Break action guns can be handled safely with ease.


When it comes strictly to hunting, the difference between a pump action and an over under is that the latter is easier to stay on target for a second shot. With a pump, working the action and jerking the gun back and forth can slow you down or even lose the target. But with an over under shotgun, you can shoot two shells in a row without moving. Over under shotguns are especially great for hunting waterfowl or doves. They’re also not as loud as a pump action, which is loud enough to scare the game away.


Lastly, over unders last practically forever. When properly cared for, they last hundreds of thousands of rounds, and up to a million in the care of some higher end brands. There isn’t much that can go wrong with them, thanks to the simple design featuring very few moving parts. If you take care of them, these shotguns can be passed down and used for several generations.

Last Word

While pump action guns go for cheaper, over unders will last much longer. They are easy to maintain, versatile, safe, and recover from misfire instantly. They are worth their price tag for bSmoking gun concept, a double barrelled over/under shotgun immeSmoking gun concept, a double barrelled over/under shotgun immeeing so reliable and efficient. If you are passionate about hunting doves and other small birds or would like to give clay target shooting a try, this type of gun might be the best choice. Buy over under shotguns online on our website and see how you like them. Choose from our listing the gun that speaks to you most. Take your time and choose wisely, as this gun will be with you for a lifetime.