The Mouse that Wears Glasses

Whelp. The Mouse got himself some glasses.

the Mouse gets glasses.jpg

A month or so ago the Mouse started having himself some pretty bad headaches. When we took him to the doctor, they were diagnosed as ‘cluster headaches’, but it was also suggested that we have his eyes checked out as well. Sure enough, the Mouse has astigmatism (which runs pretty rampantly on both sides of our family, even though neither the Husband or I have it). Our optometrist described his vision as being able to see some things fine, but others being completely distorted – a wavy line that runs through your vision messing with some things you see in your line of sight, and leaving some just fine.

No wonder the poor dude was having headaches.

The doctor couldn’t promise that his headaches will go away 100%, but said that he’ll be able to see things and concentrate much better, which should have a major impact – so here’s hoping. Time will also tell how well the Mouse takes to his new accessory … I have a feeling his excitement over ‘getting’ to wear glasses will probably be pretty short-lived.

So, that said, if your kiddo wears glasses – what are some tips you would give on how to help your kiddo adjust to wearing them, and also taking care of them? I’m so glad these have a warranty; I’m convinced we’ll be back at the optometrist’s office next week to have something fixed.


  1. My 5year old started wearing glasses at the beginning of the school year. So far, he has done really well with them. I told his teacher to keep an eye on him at first since he was new to wearing glasses. He takes them off for gym and recess and puts them on his teachers desk. I also have a hard case and some cleaning wipes in his book bag just in case. He only needs them for school work though, so as soon as he comes in the door after school, they go on the counter until morning (or until homework time).

    • Yep – the Mouse won’t have to wear them for recess or PE. Having him leave them on his teacher’s desk is probably a good idea, thank you!

  2. Emma has worn glasses for about 3 years now. When she takes them off at home, they have to go on the breakfast bar, her bathroom counter, or her dresser. I don’t want to have to track them down later and them they are in a safe spot, not likely to get stepped on or sat on.
    Emma also keeps a case in her backpack so if she needs to take them off at school or daycare, they have a safe place to go.

  3. He looks so very handsome!!!

  4. Those are what I like to call “Creative Director” glasses. :) Lookin’ good, kid!


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