Kitchen is perhaps the only room in a house where work entails standing for long hours. Hence it becomes important for the kitchen floor Calgary, to be made of materials which are conducive to it. Hard concrete floors, despite their aesthetics, tend to take a toll on the knee, hip and ankle joints thereby giving rise to complications such as aches and pains. But fortunately with advancement in technology, today there are a number of flooring materials which help cushion the impact of standing for longer periods thereby eliminating the above mentioned health risks.

The main characteristics which flooring materials for kitchen should definitely have are:

  • Durability since the kitchen is one of the most used rooms of the house,
  • Water-resistance since work in the kitchen implies usage of quite a good quantity of water for washing, cleaning and cooking raw food materials,
  • Comfort, so as to relive any threats of aches and pains arising and becoming permanent in the knees and the joints and
  • Aesthetics, because a beautiful environment makes work easier.

Some of the more popular soft and resilient flooring materials which are used for kitchen floors today are:

  • Cork: This option, the raw materials of which are obtained from the cork oak tree bark, provides a high degree of cushioning underfoot. The fact that it is susceptible to dents and scratches can be easily negated by the regular application of polyurethane or wax which forms a protective layer on it. Its availability in varied colours and hues, textures, patterns and designs, as planks and tiles makes it one of the most popular choices for the kitchen today.
  • Linoleum: There is a general misconception that linoleum is the same as vinyl. But this is absolutely not true since linoleum is a natural product which is made of powdered cork, pine rosin, linseed oil etc. Thus this flooring material is able to help cushion the weight placed on the legs by giving a soft feel underfoot. It is also available in an extensive range of colours and designs but like cork, it also gets scratched and dented easily and thus need regular application for a layer of protective wax or polyurethane.
  • Rubber: This option is gaining popularity because of its uniqueness. It feels soft and springy underfoot and is also quite durable. People having to stand for extensive hours in the kitchen should actually opt for this option as a way of relieving constant and nagging pain in their legs. Its functionality is further enhanced by the fact that it is available in both the sheet and the tile formats but both of them require sealing immediately after installation which should be preferably repeated after every 2 years.
  • Wood: One option which is an excellent combination of beauty and functionality, wood has a way of relieving aches and pains rarely found in other traditional flooring options of stone, ceramic, concrete etc. But wood is quite prone to damage from water and is also susceptible to scratches. Hence it becomes important for a wooden floor to be sealed properly immediately after its installation. However, the fact that it imparts a beautiful look to the kitchen making it seem welcoming and warm, makes it a popular choice for increasing the cooking comfort.
  • Laminate: This is another option which offers virtually unlimited designs and patterns to be created while at the same time giving a soft feel underfoot. In fact it is also extremely budget-friendly and water resistant too which stems from the fact that unlike wood they are not made up of solid materials through and through.

Working in comfort is a prerogative which can only be exercised by the implementation of the above flooring ideas. The selection, however, is based on the person using the kitchen and needs to take both comfort and aesthetics into consideration yet be budget friendly.

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