In which I owe Pinterest an apology.

Last week, I might have come down a little hard on Pinterest. Because only a few days later? This happened.

easy kids cow costume

Or, I might just be a gigantic hypocrite. That’s totally a possibility as well.

We’ve known about the Mouse’s class recital (a ‘Mooosical’, if you will) for a couple of weeks now. All the Kinder classes got together and learned (completely adorable) songs, and the Mouse was even given speaking lines! Then, less than one week before the big event, he comes home with a note from his teacher that says, ‘Oh hey, BTW, the kids should totally wear costumes to this thing. I mean, this is optional (of course), but it’ll be a lot more fun for everyone if they come dressed up! Our class all get to be cows!’


So now, I have less than a week to not only teach my kiddo his two designated lines for the play, but also create a COW COSTUME for him to wear that doesn’t a) take more than an hour out of my already crazy schedule and b) break the bank. As you can imagine, I was not a happy camper. Could they not have given me more than 6 days notice???

And then all the mommy-guilt from not being able to attend his Valentine’s Day party happened. I did a Google search, and found this gem of a Pin.

The materials cost me $15 at the local craft store, and it took me a little less than an hour and half to put together. I *did* have to sew the ears on the hat … but just a few stitches by hand, and everything worked. No machine involved, thank goodness. Other than that? Everything was ironed on.

super easy kids cow costume

easy cow costume

He was the CUTEST cow ever. And he freaking ROCKED his lines in his adorable costume.

So Pinterest, I owe you an apology. I’m sorry I got all stressed out about the crazy handmade Valentines … and then turned around and put way more effort into a cow costume than others. We all have our ‘things’ though, right? My kid might have had store-bought 99 cent cards last week, but this week? This week his fucking ROCKED his Moosical.


  1. Super cute little cow! Dare I ask what you have planned for the Froggy’s 3rd birthday??!

  2. I’m dying! This is so cute. (And in about 24 minutes you should totally link up with Adventures in Pinterest. ahem)

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