Store-bought Valentines? Don’t care.

This post is not intended to start a ‘Mommy Pinterest War’ (ohmygawd, I can’t believe I just typed that – WHAT HAS OUR WORLD COME TO?!), but after two weeks of seeing adorable, handmade, Pinteresty valentines plastered all over Instagram, I just want to make sure that all the moms out there know that …

Yes store bought valentines are still okay

This isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with the amazing valentines some of my friends and family are putting together for their kids to take to school – because they ARE awesome, and more power to you for making this day as amazing as you can for your kiddos. I just want to let all the other parents out there know that snatching up that box of Jake and the Neverland Pirates valentines, slapping a heart sticker on them and calling it a win? Is totally okay too. In fact, it’s more than ‘okay’ – it’s awesome. There are TONS of kids who will show up to school for their party with nothing in hand, and the fact that you’ve taken then time to put their name on a card and make them smile?

It’s fucking fantastic of you. Seriously.

Don’t worry about ‘not doing enough’ or ‘taking the easy way out’. Don’t worry about your kid not thinking his cards are ‘good enough’ to hand out. Don’t give that shit another thought. Just don’t.

Our cards were supposed to get done last weekend, but when that didn’t happen we obviously decided that the night before would be an excellent time to work on all of them at once. Obviously. But you know, it was fine. We stayed up a little later, and you had better believe I made the Mouse write his name, and the names of every. single. kid. in his class on all those little suckers. Handwriting is important, yo.

And so is mommy’s sanity.


  1. Amen and Hallelujah! Except you’re doing an even better job than I am since we won’t be putting all the kids names on them. I don’t even have a class list for that! Smiley face stickers it is!

  2. Caroline is so proud of her box of $.99 my little pony valentines. We bought them over the weekend and she had so much fun picking out who got what. When she comes home with awesome handmade ones tomorrow I’m pretty sure she’ll love them, but she will be convinced hers were just as great.

    • YEP. They both LOVED their cards (Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Lego Star Wars). It was SUPER cute watching the Mouse pick out who got what card, and think about how the girls would probably prefer the stickers with GIRL Star Wars characters. <3

  3. We did the same thing as Avery! My daughter saw the MLP box of Valentine’s and there was no looking back. Boom. Done! And she thinks they are just the cat’s meow (horse’s whinny?). She’s just a Kinder and already I’ve told myself that it’s ok to be creative/crafty sometimes, and take the easier way out other times. It’s all about balance (and sanity!) Great post–three cheers for store bought solidarity! :)

  4. Things like this are why I’m convinced we’re soul mates.

  5. When it comes to creativity I lack a lot!! I tried to do something off pinterest for my sons valentines box and it didn’t turn out picture perfect but he loved it. (In the end if the kid is happy that’s what matters!) Both of my kids had a BLAST picking out their valentines! We walked in the isle at Walmart and I told them pick whatever one you want. Usually because of our budget they don’t always get the option to pick whatever. (Ironically my son pick the cheapest!) So to them that was perfect to have the choice. Both of my kids had to write their names and the class mates names. Like you said it’s good writing practice!

  6. I had pin-worthy Valentine’s all planned out…then my 4 year old said, “MOM I WANT THESE BATMAN VALENTINE’S!!!” And he was SO excited! That’s when I realized I was thinking more of myself, than what my son would want. And why wouldn’t my batman obsessed boy want a box of Batman valentine cards to share with his friends?! These kids teach you something every day!

  7. Lightening McQueen store bought Valentine’s here. My son’s daycare/preschool sent home a sheet with all the kids names on it and a corresponding shape for each child. The teacher asked that we cut out the names with the shape, and glue them to the valentine’s. They are playing a matching game with them today – each kid’s shape is also on their valentine mailbox. The child had a grand old time gluing the names to the cards, and was fascinated with his fingers sticking together. He had fun. Mommy stayed sane. Everyone wins!

  8. Amen, Totty. And something important I learned? My kids wouldn’t have been any more excited about the Pinterest-y valentines I had planned than they were about the store-bought Star Wars ones they ended up with.

  9. It’s so funny because in year’s past with daycare and preschool I went GANGBUSTERS on the handmade valentines thing. This year? With the smallest quantity and the most ‘cool effect’, all the kid wanted to hand out were LEGO Star Wars ones with the stickers. Thank goodness too because after the last time when I glued 34 miniature bottles of bubbles to cardstock, I vowed to never be crafty for kids who could care less again. HA!

  10. I love this. I can’t imagine making 20-30 handmade Valentine’s, no way!

  11. Thank you for saying this out loud! We got a notice from school that they preferred “homemade Valentine’s made with recycled or scrap materials” to be eco-friendly. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! We got those free meal coupons from Big Boy, thank you very much. You can recycle them AND get a free kid’s meal. :)

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