February Stitch Fix Review

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, but I spent my own monies on my Stitch Fix, and was not compensated for this review in any way.

feb 2014 stitch fix review

I had a lot of friends who had tried Stitch Fix out in previous months, and it took a bunch raving about their fixes to finally push me over the edge and decide to try it out for myself. In case you haven’t heard about what Stitch Fix is, it’s a super cool subscription box service. Think of it as a virtual personal shopper: you tell it what you like, what your style is, how much you want to spend, and then once a month they’ll send you a box of five items. If you like them, you keep them and pay the fee. If you don’t like them, you drop them in the mail and send them back. Since this was my first month, I’ll walk you through the whole process and show you what I got.

Signing up is easy, and honestly, rather enjoyable. Create an account, and answer a really detailed questionnaire about types of clothing you like, what you don’t care for, your size, your style, your budget, and then you’ll pick your ‘Fix’ date (my box arrived on the exact date that I requested). You pay a $20 fee up front, but that $20 is then put towards anything you buy out of the clothing they send you … a down payment, if you will.

The box arrived on time, and it was so much fun to open up! I went through everything, tried it on, and these were my thoughts on each.

Splendid Armstrong Button-Back Plaid Blouse Stitch Fix February 2014

Splendid Armstrong Button-Back Plaid Blouse | $68

When I first saw this shirt in the box, I thought to myself, ‘Oh no. Nonononono. What were they thinking?’ And then I put it on and absolutely LOVED it. I paired with dark skinny jeans and flats, and it was a super cute outfit. There were two problems though. 1. It was just a tiny bit snug around the hips – I have that problem a lot with fitted shirts. 2. The price was way out of my budget, and this would be a good time to mention that I must have been completely drunk when I filled out my survey. Either that, or I thought that I had inherited a small fortune, because … yeah, no. The prices were all wrong, and it was completely MY fault for marking my budget incorrectly.

I should also mention that I’m pretty cheap when it comes to (most) clothes for me. So, back into the box the lovely plaid shirt went.

Mystree Pashma Lurex Detailed Boucle Moto Jacket Stitch Fix February 2014

Mystree Pashma Lurex Detailed Boucle Moto Jacket | $88

Next was this short, cream colored jacket – which in theory might have been a fun addition for me to wear to work (or even out on a date), but in reality, short-waisted ladies shouldn’t wear short-waisted clothing. I need longer garments to make me look like I have any sort of a torso. Between that, and it being a little snug across the bust (now THERE is a phrase I never thought I would ever say), this piece just wasn’t a fit.

Mystree Arcadia Striped Crew Neck Sweater Stitch Fix February 2014

Mystree Arcadia Striped Crew Neck Sweater | $58

This was the piece that I liked the best – I love me a nice, lightweight sweater. This guy will be great for the Spring, will be great for the office, and will work nicely next Fall as well. It fit well, had the lowest price tag of anything in the box, and thus, was the piece that I decided to keep from this Fix. I’ve already worn it twice! So $58 – $20 down payment = $38 my February Fix.

Level 99 Samuel Bootcut Jean Stitch Fix February 2014

Level 99 Samuel Bootcut Jean & Bay to Baubles Lane Delicate Clear Crystals Necklace | $128 & $32

These guys were my least favorites of the box. The necklace was just really not my style. I like me some bling, but maybe not this much bling – ya know? And the jeans, well, the high price tag aside, I’m not really wearing boot cut style jeans all that much these days. I would really have preferred some brightly colored skinnies for Spring.

So, there ya have it. I threw everything except the sweater back into the return bag, and dropped it in the USPS box the next day … which is why I don’t have photos of me actually wearing anything, I was so excited to finish the process, I totally jumped the gun and mailed everything back before I even thought about pictures (I’ll do better next month, I promise). All in all, this was a really fun process. I enjoyed seeing what someone else picked out for me, and yes, I’ve already signed up for a March Fix!

If you’d like to try it out, you can sign up here (and since I get a fun credit if you sign up through my link, it would be awesome to use it if you’d like to try it out!). If you’re already a Stitch Fix user, did you get any of the same items as me?


  1. So fun to see that you got something different from me- everything different, actually. I LOVE the process- it’s soooo easy and it’s fun to know that someone- a human- is picking out what they send. I kept 2 tops- one was pretty in line with what I usually wear, and one was totally different from what I usually wear. I wore the latter to a birthday party and was complimented a bazillion times on my top- so all in all I’m really happy with it!

  2. Great review. I like the plaid shirt! I can’t wait to get mine. It should be here Wednesday!

  3. Oh that plaid shirt is cute! I love Splendid but it’s more in the price range of my mother who buys Christmas gifts, and not in my everyday Target/Old Navy preferred price point.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    That sounds really fun! I’m only a month out from having a baby so my sizes are all off but maybe once the baby weight is mostly gone.

    I will admit the prices scare me a little. I am super cheap when it comes to clothes – for me at least- I don’t have a problem spending money on the kids.

    • Tottums says:

      Yeah, I totally messed up on the prices. I’m hoping this month’s will be much more closer to my usual ballpark budget. Congratulations on your ‘almost baby’! <3

  5. Thanks for the info! This looks really cool. I signed up with your referral link

  6. I got that same shirt you kept but orange. I almost kept it because I loved it but I ended up picking the jeans they sent instead since I’m trying to avoid long sleeves right now.


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