Lower back pain can be caused by a variety of reasons, for example, hereditary/genetic, poor physical condition, poor posture, or repetitive misuse. Regardless of the cause of lower back pain, the remedy lies primarily in improving the core strength.

Lower back pain remedies, therefore, center around exercises for improving your core strength.

Core Strength in Lower Back Pain Treatment

The cause of lower back pain is usually poor core stability, whereby the back compensates by using the wrong muscles, resulting in pain.

The core muscles strengthen our mid-section, the section which, when weak, is directly compensated by the lower back. Any core strengthening routines will help improve your back, however, if performed incorrectly may be damaging. With severe pain or poor physical condition, it is advised to consult a professional to ensure exercises are performed correctly. In all cases do not overstress the muscles before strength builds.

Core strengthening exercises to use as lower back pain remedies include exercises such as squats, lunges, crunches, exercise ball work, and a variety of exercises which are performed from a crouching position or from lying on your back. Pilates and Yoga are great exercise routines for strengthening the core muscles and are very effective for lower back pain treatment.

Key Steps for Lower Back Pain Treatment

1. See a back-care specialist to get a proper diagnosis, specific exercises recommended, and massage or manipulation if required.

2. Start with low-impact core related exercises until the pain decreases and mobility increases.

Gradually build up to higher strength exercises which work on your core muscles, reduce pain, increase mobility, and prevent the repeated occurrence of pain.

3. Ensure you have correct posture.

4. Ensure any exercises which may strain your back, like lifting heavy items, are performed correctly.

5. Make sure your mattress is firm and supportive.

6. Ensure you get proper lumbar support when sitting.

7. Keep moving and stretching your back and avoid any prolonged positions.

Start Slow and Build Up When Treating Lower Back Pain

Specially designed equipment can help in preventing injury when trying to perform exercises for lower back pain. Never over stress your back when starting out.

Maintaining Lower Back Health

The final and most important step in  is to keep up the regular exercises that worked for reducing your lower back pain after the problem has been fixed.

Your body will tell you which exercises have been most helpful, and this will change as your strength grows. Keeping up an exercise routine of the most helpful exercises for five minutes a day is highly recommended as a long-term solution for ensuring your lower back pain is treated and does not reoccur.