It seems like every day there are more stories of families who are receiving an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (commonly known as ADHD) diagnosis and are beginning the journey of finding solutions to live a more balanced and healthy life. The traditional treatments of ADHD include potentially risky pharmaceutical drugs to try and curb the symptoms. Many parents may not realize there are homeopathic treatments for ADHD that may work as well or even better than traditional pharmaceutical options.

ADHD is a disorder that affects almost 10% of the school-aged population in the United States. This complex disorder causes children to act impulsively and have difficulty regulating their emotions and executive functions. The symptoms of the disorder can cause distress to both the person who has ADHD and their loved ones who are looking for solutions to manage the behavioral issues that arise. If not treated, the inability to concentrate or manage impulse control can have devastating consequences in adolescence and into adulthood.

But it’s also possible that a child can be misdiagnosed with ADHD and suffer the consequences of strong, psychotropic drugs, without first exploring alternative methods of treatment. Before jumping straight into drugs that have the potential for side effects and long-term health consequences, exploring homeopathic remedies might be a reasonable first choice.

Traditional ADHD treatment options, such as prescriptions for psychotropic drugs like Ritalin or Adderall can have long-term effects on the body, especially if the user is a child. However, there are homeopathic treatments available for ADHD in Waterford, Michigan that include non-invasive procedures such as chiropractic spinal adjustment to help realign the spine and nervous systems. An adjustment done by a certified chiropractor can have multiple benefits, including the successful relieve of ADHD symptoms without the potentially harmful side effects of drugs.

ood is the world’s most powerful medicine, and using nutritious, whole foods in the treatment of ADHD is an effective tool. With the help of a nutritionist to help guide a lifestyle change, switching to a diet of healthy, whole foods may help manage the symptoms of ADHD naturally, without the use of drugs. Many families find that avoiding foods like gluten can have a positive, lasting effect as well.

If you or someone you love has recently experienced an ADHD diagnosis, it may be prudent and wise to begin your journey back to health with homeopathic treatments before exploring pharmaceutical options. Simple, natural changes such as spinal adjustment and dietary changes can have a profound effect on the treatment of ADHD, without resorting to strong, psychotropic drugs to combat the symptoms of hyperactivity and the inability to focus and regulate behaviors. With these natural tools, families can find balance and health again.