Changes in today’s medical technology seem to happen daily. Healthcare facilities must keep up with the everchanging technology in order to provide the best care for their patients.

Electronic patient records, mobile computer carts, and other portable medical devices make patient care easier and safer, but these constant changes can make things difficult for your medical team. You can take away part of this stress by choosing the right portable power systems for your mobile workstation.

Any mobile medical cart that requires power faces an ongoing challenge to keep a charge long enough to provide a benefit. Efficiency decreases significantly if the machine loses charge in the middle of the shift, causing staff to lose unsaved files and sending them on a search for a fully powered machine.

Flexible mobile cart power technology is one answer to this dilemma. This power source allows for flexibility so staff can use it in whatever way works best for them. This leads to less stress and better patient care overall.

How Does It Work?

Flexible cart power consists of two battery packs per unit. Each battery holds its charge for 6-10 hours, and when one battery gets low the power swaps to the other battery pack. This enables staff to quickly switch the dead battery with a fresh one, all without losing power. A yellow light alerts staff to the dwindling battery, and the light flashes when power loss of the first battery is getting close.

Batteries can also be charged directly on the cart with a power cord. This way staff can use whatever charging option works best for them. A full charge can be achieved within 2-3 hours.

What Does It Power?

Hot-swap battery systems can be used to charge almost any technology used on medical carts. This portable power system for your mobile workstation is compatible with medical devices such as blood pressure and pulse ox machines. They can also be used with computer carts.

What Makes It Successful?

The FMCP technology offers multiple benefits for the healthcare facility. It decreases overall costs by replacing old technology with more efficient technology. These systems can be added to existing carts, so purchasing new carts isn’t necessary. This unique power system is good for up to 5 years, or 3000 cycles.Medical staff love the FMCP technology because swapping out or charging batteries is a simple process. Using a hot swap battery system on your mobile medical carts allows your staff to concentrate less on having the appropriate medical devices at their disposal and more on patient care. It’s an ideal way to keep your staff less stressed, and your patients happier and on the road to recovery.