Mamas & Papas Sola Stroller Review & Giveaway

If you’re a new reader here at Froggy & the Mouse, or, if you haven’t been reading for very long – you should know something about me: I’m a stroller whore. No really, LOVE strollers. Love researching them, love reading reviews, love testing them out and comparing to other strollers … just LOVE. So when Mamas & Papas contacted me about how their products would now be sold at my local Lone Star Baby & Kids, and oh by the way, would you like to get your hands on a new Sola stroller to test out and review {um, yes please}? … I jumped at the chance.


First, some background on this stroller. This is basically a ‘do all’ stroller. Here are the details:

  • Can be used from birth to 50 lbs
  • Seat that comes with stroller can lay completely flat {like a bassinet}, and can be turned to face forward, or back towards parent
  • Adjustable handlebar for taller pushers
  • Huge basket underneath for lots of storage
  • Super easy mobility
  • Bassinet, adapter for infant carriers are also available {Maxi Cosi or Graco} to convert to ‘travel system’

Next … a video. Because I know we all like to see exactly how easy this thing is to use {and it is}:

Pretty cool, huh? We tested out our Sola stroller at the State Fair of Texas this year, with the Froggy. Technically, the Mouse could have still used it {he’s around 45lbs now}, but honestly at this point, he prefers to walk. The Froggy though LOVES riding in strollers {weird, I know}. So he cruised around all day in style.


So – what were my impressions? First off, this is a NICE stroller. It’s well built, sturdy, and since my kid likes to dump food all over himself while he eats, I happen to know how easy it is to clean. He climbed all over it all day long {as long as the wheels were locked, he was able to climb in and out on his own} and it was no worse for the wear. We especially liked how the bumper bar opened on one side and swiveled out of the way, so you don’t have to take it completely to get kiddo in and out. The steering is a dream, and while it took me a minute to really ‘get’ the folding/unfolding … once I did it was very easy and seamless.

My FAVORITE feature?


SO. MUCH. ROOM. for storage under the seat, so I could tote all of our stuff, and it still be really easy to get to. Hands down, my favorite feature on the Sola.

A couple of things to note – this is NOT a compact or umbrella stroller. This guy is a pretty good size … which is okay because of how it accommodates up to 50lbs and is so sturdy. And although I didn’t have any trouble getting through doorways or even through crowds at the fair, you’ll need some room in your car for this baby to fit. Also, while the harness is SUPER easy to unlatch {with one hand I might add}, getting it latched is a little cumbersome – it does have really great padding around the straps though.

The Froggy’s favorite feature?


How comfy it is. Guys? The Froggy has NEVER fallen asleep in a stroller – EVER. But he totally did in the Sola. In fact, he slept for over a hour as we walked around the fair that day. I attribute this to a) the super comfy and supportive seats and b) the very large sun canopy. Babies have it so good – if someone would push me around the fair in the equivalent to a recliner on wheels, I might never get out of it. I really love the stroller we’ve previously been using for the Froggy, but I do feel like it’s lacking in the comfort area.

So – are you excited yet? How about if you could WIN one of these bad boys? {I know, I know – hold your applause} Take a look at the Rafflecopter widget below for entry rules.

Disclosure – I received a totally awesome Mama & Papas Sola stroller for free to test and review. I received no other compensation for this post. All opinions posted are my own. They’re mine, you can’t have them.

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  1. I love reading your blog! I would love to win this stroller! We are expecting twins early April & have budgeted for a double stroller but would love to have an awesome single stroller as well! I would also love the Magic Globe Rocker, that looks awesome!!

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    The pixi highchair is pretty awesome looking – I would really consider their products if we had a second baby.

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    I love the bassinet that can be used with the Sola!

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    That Magic Astro Bouncer is awesome!! I wish they had it when my toddler was little!!!

  5. smessmer02 says:

    I like the comfort baby carrier

  6. I like the snug seat.  It looks so futuristic and modern!
    kirbycolby at gmail dot com

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    This stroller looks amazing!

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    This.  Looks.  Awesome.  :D  I love that you can turn the seat and that it can lie flat!  :)  Love the shade too!

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  29. imhistory says:

    The Loop high chair looks really impressive.

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    I’ve always loved the George giraffe rocking animal!

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    I love the loop high chair.  If/when we have #3 I am totally, 100% upgrading our well-love graco high chair.  It’s been good to us, but if I trip over one more %(&^$^!* high chair leg that sticks out 3 feet I’m going to lose it!

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