July 6, 2018

Top 10 Ranked Products For Amazon Product Sales Data

At some point, most Amazon sellers want to know the best way to use Amazon product sales data to scale up their business or grow their product lines.

Having accurate and reliable Amazon product sales data at your fingertips can help you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business. In fact, FBA sellers should be doing ongoing research. Continue reading

Effective Online Video Marketing

June 26, 2018

Video marketing has long been the wave of the future, but with the future here, effective online video marketing is key to a successful online presence. With an explosion in social media sharing sites with video-enabled options, would-be-visitors ignore any website without videos. Businesses who forgo this powerful marketing tool are almost certainly hurting their brand.

Right now, research suggests that around 70% of consumer traffic on the internet consists of watching videos. And, with many us being visual learners, including video content on your website increases the chance visitors will take something away from your site, which is better for both of you. Continue reading

Social Media Marketing
December 19, 2017

Five Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Your Business in York PA

 Social media advertising helps in building brand awareness and visibility in front of users and customers, alike. Social media platforms are very cost-effective media for creating know-how of brands. It requires very little money to create social media campaigns for advertising the various uses of various brands and articles. Social media is a platform which is very widely used by people and it helps to drill in informationChildren’s Martial Arts about various products in the users’ minds. And also, the other important fact is that social media use is constantly on the rise. If there were x number of users today, tomorrow there will be x plus y number of users. Thus, we have an audience at our fingertips which is growing with each passing day. Continue reading