This is me. Tottums [Stephanie Totty]. Mom. Hey-you-with-the-fruit-snacks. All of the above. I am a BoyMom. I am a full-time working mom. I blog, I document, I whine, I coffee. I am a female living in a house full of testosterone [even the dog is a dude]. I survive mostly, by venting here. Spoiler – I tell it like it is. So if you cringe at the word ‘penis’ or shudder when an f-bomb is dropped … this is not the blog for you. But if you like to read about what REAL parenting is like; I’m your lady.

*Want to see where this whole ‘Tottums’ thing started? Check this post out about when we found out we were expecting our first kiddo [it's a good'un, I promise].
*Here’s where I shed some light on the kind of marriage I have.
*I have a few issues with boys clothing.
*Even with the awful selection of clothes, being a boymom kind of rocks.
*Being a MOM though sometimes has it’s issues … especially if you post about them on the internet.
*Oh yeah, and this one time I wrote about an awesome lemonade recipe, and got like a million new readers.


My first son, the Mouse, was nicknamed on the day he was born.  They placed him in my arms, he squeaked [I swear], and I fell in love. He is all boy. He is obsessed with being just like his daddy. He loves all things super hero and Star Wars, bedtime stories, and climbing on EVERYTHING. He gets his nose from his daddy, and his emotional [ahem, dramatic] personality from me.


My second son, the Froggy, kicked so hard and so often while I was pregnant with him, that he earned his nickname before he was even born … and he continues to be a mover and shaker even now! He loves trains, superheros, swimming – and every. single. thing. his big brother does.

Don’t ask me where either of them get their blue eyes – certainly not from me or their dad, lol.


My little blog started out small.  A journal if you will, about being a mom and my Mouse. Since then, my family has grown and so has my little slice of the interwebz. So make yourself comfy, stay a while. Read, comment, subscribe, or just lurk. Whatever makes you happy!