How to Make an Infinity Scarf

Just so we’re all clear – this whole “how-to make an infinity scarf” post is all because I am probably the biggest nerd in the whole world. Several weeks ago I went looking for a Deathly Hallows infinity scarf on Etsy, and I just couldn’t really find one I liked. But then I found this fabric and thought “how hard could this really be .. I can totally sew straight lines”. So I watched a few YouTube tutorials and as it turns out, yeah, making an infinity scarf is really quite simple – provided you have a basic understanding of how to use a sewing machine, and have a few tools handy at home.

I’m going to give a basic run down here, but really, YouTube is the place to be. This is video I watched (several times) and emulated, but I also used this blog post as a guide as well. I am going to do my best to write this post in SUPER DUPER layman’s terms – because this is not a crafting/sewing blog y’all and really, I don’t know the proper terms for most of this stuff.


Okay, stuff you’ll need:
2 yards of fabric (I’ll talk below about what kind you should choose)
Straight sewing pins
Tape measure
Sewing machine
Matching thread

First, you’ll want to cut your fabric. The tutorial I was following suggested cutting it with a width of 12″, but I found this to be too short (I made several of these bad boys) for me. While the fabric I’m using had an awesome print (I mean, AWESOME PRINT), it’s a pretty stiff combed cotton and not really what you want for a scarf. I would recommend a knit fabric of some kind so that it hangs a little better than mine does. Regardless, 12″ is kind of thin considering you’ll be folding it in half – I ended up going with 18″.

It doesn’t matter how long your fabric is (mine was 52″), you’re going to double it up and loop it around your neck anyways.


So, to recap, cut your fabric (18″ x 52″). Now, fold in half length-wise with the pretty side faced-in. Pin the two edges together to make sewing easier.

Now, sew a really easy straight line all the way down the length, creating an inside-out tube of fabric.


Turn the tube right-side out.

Now (and this is tricky to write directions for, you might want to refer to this video again), pull the bottom back over the outside – all the while keeping the hems lined up – until the two ends are matched up again (you should have basically folded the scarf wrong side out in half again).


Make sure the edges are flush to each other, and make sure the hems are still matched up – now, sew the two edges together all the way around BUT LEAVE ABOUT 2 INCHES OPEN at the end. Also, this is a good place to remind everyone to make sure you’re sealing the beginning/ends of your stitches with backward stitches too … in this part especially you’ll want to make sure they’re nice and secure.


Here’s the important part – pull the scarf right-side out through the small 2″ hole you’ll left at the top. Go slowly, don’t pull too hard because you don’t want to rip your seams, but pull everything out and you should have what looks like a now awesome infinity scarf once you’ve pulled it out!


Your last step is to hand stitch that last 2″ hole closed. There are some really fancy ways of doing this so that the stitches are hidden … but ain’t no one (in this house) got time for that. Stitch ‘em closed, call it a day, wear that part of the scarf behind your neck where no one will see.


Ta da! You’re all done! You’ve created a really easy, really inexpensive infinity scarf that you can now give as a gift this holiday season. Or, you know, just keep it yourself. Because there are few people out there who share my excitement for wearing Harry Potter symbols on their clothing.


Happy sewing!

Thoughts that old people have

Some people don’t like birthday, but I was really excited to turn 30 years old. I felt like “30″ finally made me an adult – no matter that I already had a college degree, a husband, a mortgage, a job, and a kid BEFORE 30 – in my mind 30 was the real deal. I didn’t feel any older, but I enjoyed the number. Now that I’m 33, and my kids are getting older … I’m starting to feel the “mid-thirties” thing. My kid is losing top teeth, laundry and/or home renovation is usually on my short list for “big weekend plans”, and last week I spent over an hour on the phone to a “financial planner”.

You guys, it’s happening.

Do you ever have a thought, and then immediately think, “OH MY GOD, that was an OLD thought!” Yeah, there are a bunch of those too. Even more scary, I don’t always immediately recognize them as “old thoughts”. They’re starting to just become daily “normal thoughts”. Here are some of the “mid thirties thoughts” I’ve caught myself having lately:

1. You know what I should buy? Some relaxed jeans. All my jeans are so confining. I need a pair of really comfortable jeans for the weekend and running errands.

2. Oh look, that big fancy charity event is happening downtown this weekend. Gosh, that used to be so fun to go to … when was the last time we went? Seven … Nine … oh my gee TWELVE YEARS AGO?

3. I hate buying underwear. Ugh, thongs are so uncomfortable. Why do women wear these?! Maybe I can get these ‘cheeky’ kind instead. They’re still sexy, right? Look, you can still see butt cheek, that should really be enough.

4. This might be the stupidest reality show I’ve ever seen. What is this person doing? Gah this is dumb, I wonder if the news got recorded …

5. Hmm, we could either use next year’s tax refund for an amazing vacation, or we could renovate the kitchen. The beach would be fun, but it would be so amazing to have one of those big barn sinks!

6. You know what I totally want for Christmas? A new steam mop. With two dogs now, a nice steam mop would be awesome. Ooooo, or a programable crock pot!

7. Oh my gosh – we don’t have anything on the calendar for Saturday. Not one thing. And it’s supposed to rain! We can stay home, do laundry, make chili, and watch movies all day with the boys. I bet I’ll get away with coffee in bed until at least 8am. This is going to be amazing!

You guys, I’m getting old.


Things I Learned From Traveling with My Six Year Old

Last Month I traveled alone with my six-year-old son, the Mouse, to Washington DC. The trip was a success for a number of reasons, and we had a fantastic time, but there were definitely a few things I learned about what to, and what not to do while traveling with an elementary-aged kiddo.

1. Explain the process - I know it seems like a really fun idea to surprise your kiddo at the last minute, but make sure you think about whether this big an ordeal is something that they’ll be able to process and deal with in a short amount of time. The Mouse is like me, and he needs time to think about things and prepare – so I knew that surprising him on the way to the airport would not have been such a great idea.


2. Let them help plan - We told the Mouse about 2 weeks before we left about the trip, and presented him with his own small suitcase and a few books about DC. The books were great for him to have, because we were able to walk through all the sites and let him think about where he wanted to go and what he wanted to see. Obviously, I picked out most of the spots we would visit, but this let him feel like he was part of the process as well.

3. Embrace the tablet for travel - We have an iPad, and I purposefully took it away about one week out and didn’t let either of the kids use it. I deleted all the unnecessary apps, and downloaded a new movie and brand new apps/games for him to play. This basically turned our tablet into a brand new machine (to him), and he had PLENTY to keep him occupied. I chose a few learning apps, a drawing/art app, and 2 games that were completely mindless but that I knew he would love. He used this thing pretty much constantly in the airports, on the plane, and even in the hotel room in the evenings.

4. Don’t let him pack - Repeat after me, “do not let your small child pack their own bags”. The Mouse had his small rolling suitcase for his clothes, and his school backpack with activities for the plane rides – and I packed both. It was made very clear to him that he was responsible for carrying his own things (since we weren’t checking bags), and there was no way I was going to let him weigh himself down with unnecessary stuff. You can check out what we packed here.

5. Let his feet dictate (most of) the schedule - Don’t get me wrong, we had a very busy couple of days in DC and the Mouse was a trooper, but we *could* have done way more if, say, he wasn’t six years old. But what’s more important – seeing every single thing in your destination city with a worn out, crank of a kid? Or actually getting to enjoy the sights that his feet and attention span can handle? The crankiness can also be helped if (as I mentioned earlier) you make sure your kiddo knows what the day’s schedule is, and has a clear picture of where you’re going and why.


6. Plan down time - Even if your kiddo is able to keep up throughout the day, make sure to plan in some down time as well. One of the great things about visiting DC in October was the amazing weather – and you had better believe we took advantage of being out on the National Mall in perfect 65* temps. Stopping to let him sit on the Mall with his new airplane toy, coming back to hotel for an hour of cartoons or iPad before dinner – these little ‘breaks’ were key so that we didn’t overdo it.


7. Let them document - I’m not sure that this step applies to every kiddo, or just the kiddo of a blogger, but the Mouse was very keen to keep his own journal and write about what he saw and did. He spent a few minutes each evening, as well as time on the flight home, writing about and drawing the things he enjoyed seeing and learning about in Washington DC. He also really loved borrowing my iPhone and taking photos and video of different exhibits in the museum. Several photos in the post were taken by him (and then edited by me).


All in all, we had a great trip. Six years old is a really neat age – they’re old enough to really start doing fun things with, but they’re still young enough where it’s still ‘cool’ to be with mom and hold her hand on the subway. I plan on a fun ‘mommy & me’ trip with the Froggy when he is six as well (he’s currently 3.5) – but where we go will be dictated by what he’s interested in and enjoys.

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